I have lived in Stalybridge since 1997 and love it. I like the nearness of the country side and how whichever way you look you can see the hills, I love the river and canal we have running through the town and gorgeous old buildings and bridges. I also love the passion of the place, the fighting spirit from the struggles of industrial revolution to the present day fight against the decline of the high street and new housing developments that threaten the individuality of the town.  I also like how easy it is to get a fix of a big city by jumping on a train to Manchester or Leeds or Liverpool.

I like local history, I love to nosy around old building and enjoy reading stories about people in times gone by; I am interested in the big stories of Kings and Queens and famous battles but I am even more interested a local stories about local people. I write the blog cockerhill.com about the historic Cocker Hill conservation area that is within Stalybridge and through that I was given a collection of old photos of Stalybridge.

This new blog is to enable me to share those old photos of Stalybridge, I hope you like them.

Please leave a comment if you enjoy the photos and especially if they bring back any memories for you.

All the best



Please leave a comment; I really enjoy reading the messages left on my blog

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